Thursday, September 19, 2013

Powershop STILL Doesn't Get It!

Christchurch Airport won't put up a satirical ad poster on its billboards… and Powershop can't figure out why. Duuuhhh!!!
The poster, with Middle Eastern-style lettering, shows a military general with his face covered by branding. [Comparing the image to others on-line, it looks strikingly like that of dictator Col. Qaddafi!]
Powershop CEO Ari Sargent says he's "mystified" [mystified???] by the airport's stance. He says Powershop's recent posters have been toned down - less satire, more humour [That's debatable!]: "The first part of our campaign, almost two years ago now I think…" [You thunk? Ya mean, the CEO doesn't KNOW?!] "…was Saddam Hussein collecting for charity, and North Korea's Kim Jong-il running a sausage sizzle."
Christchurch Airport CEO Jim Boult says the company understands the ad's intent, but is "also conscious of the different nationalities and age groups that come through daily, and how they might perceive advertising which others might find amusing." The airport caters to a number of airlines including Dubai-based Emirates and Singapore Airlines.
Ads in the latest series have depicted Margaret Thatcher holding mistletoe aloft at Xmas, Nixon as a '70s peacenik, and Mao dancing Gangnam Style.
Sargent says the latest ad's running in Wellington and Auckland with no negative feedback that he's aware of, so he's "a bit surprised to see the objection from Christchurch".
Obviously Ari Sargent and Powershop have very short memories. They seem to have forgotten the furore over the Saddam Hussein ad! And gee, what's happening in Syria right now?!
Perhaps Powershop should try advertising the benefits of its service, rather than using images of controversial historical figures who've tortured, gassed and murdered millions of people.
That's a usage that I just don't get!!

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Anonymous said...

Totally with you. The blood of untold lives drips from this tyrant's memory.