Monday, September 2, 2013

Putin: Transvestite In Jackboots?

Zero deviation from the Big Brother-decreed 'norm' is the order of the day in Russia.
You'll recall the furore (Aug.2012) when three lesbians from the Pussy Riot punk collective were found guilty of hooliganism, for a protest against Pres. Vladimir Putin, and
Oh, ROCKY!! Lookin' good, Vlad!
faced 2yrs' jail. That same week, Moscow's high court upheld a 100yr.ban on gay pride.
St Petersburg was one of the first Russian cities to introduce a law banning 'gay propaganda'. Russia's parliament adopted similar laws, prompting protests and calls for a boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.
This week, it's the G20 leaders' summit in St. Petersburg. So maybe Russia wants to portray a 'certain image'... or perhaps its merely Vlad The Putin who's concerned about his own image.
Either way, a painting showing Putin wearing tight-fitting women's underwear and brushing Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's hair has been torn down by Russian police from a St. Petersburg gallery, for breaking unspecified laws. *shock*horror*probe* The artist has fled the country and is seeking asylum, fearing for his life.
Now, we can all see Putin is the master of the staged macho photo op. Whether tranquilising polar bears, harpooning whales, riding horses barechested or commanding a submarine, the Prez rarely drops his 'tough guy' image. (Bless him, he provides us with a few good sniggers!) We have seen him catch record-sized fish, and hang out with criminal bikie gangs. But what's with all this?
If Vlad spent half his photo-op time leading his country into...hell, even the 20th century with a dawning liberalisation!... he'd gain the sort of popularity that he dreams these images already bring him.
Or are these pix carefully staged to mask his real sexuality...which, by his own draconian laws, is banned? Does Putin go fishing...merely to hide his fishnets?

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Anonymous said...

Must be the Ruskie version of "Putin On The Ritz"!!! LOL