Saturday, August 31, 2013

Perfect Egg Just A Pre-Packaged Purchase Away

You'd have to be pretty stupid not to be able to boil an egg.
(Saying that, I met someone just last week who, at the oh-so-adult age of 20, had just accomplished her very first egg-boil. Yes, I too was stunned!)
So, if boiling a pan of water, dropping in an egg and timing it for a few minutes seems far too complicated, your ship has just come in! The Dippy Egg is about to hit UK supermarket shelves, apparently designed for those too inept to create a perfect runny yolk.
The Dippy Egg - a single pasteurised egg in its shell - is pre-boiled in an airtight plastic bag to just the right consistency, before being sold in a plastic pot. All the hungry (lazy?) consumer has to do is remove it from it's plastic bag, put it back in the pot, pour on boiled water, replace the lid and wait five minutes (clue: it's as easy as opening a packet of 'instant noodles', ok?).
When the egg's ready, it can be eaten from the lid, which doubles as an egg cup. And joy of joys, even if left in hot water in its pot for longer than five minutes while you're busy Facebooking your achievement to your 3,571 friends, the yolk will still not set. A blessed miracle!!
Of course, for a REAL challenge, the adventurous could boldly learn how to boil an egg from scratch themselves.
*whisper* The trick is...don't burn the water first!!!

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