Saturday, August 10, 2013

Meridian Sees The Light

A NZ electricity supplier earns itself 'Pillick Of The Week', after it sent a letter to a lamp-post, threatening to cut its power!
Yeup, that's right: apparently Meridian Energy believed someone was living in the power pole.
The letter was addressed: To the occupier, 771800Streetlights NPDC Control Point 394, 9 Shearer Drive, Oakura 4650.
Taranaki resident Clive Saleman, who lives (in a real house) at 9 Shearer Drive, received the letter stating he had seven days to provide Meridian with his customer details or his electricity would be cut off.
The request left him perplexed: "We were a little bit alarmed about what was going to happen. Then we thought, hang on a minute, we're not with Meridian Energy, we're with another supplier. So I'm thinking, is there somebody living in that street light?" With tongue firmly in cheek, Clive continued his story: "I went down to the light and knocked on the door to see if they wanted their mail, but no-one came out."
Clive's call to Meridian proved fruitless, with one of its customer service reps continuing to demand their details: "He still wanted all that even though it wasn't our issue. I don't think he comprehended how silly the situation was."
Meridian has now said the letter was generated by an 'automated administrative process' - in other words, blaming a computer - and apologises for any inconvenience it may have caused Mr Saleman. The spokesman says it's the first time Meridian has sent a letter to a streetlight...and is fairly certain no one lives there.
Nice one, Meridian - no flies on you!

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