Thursday, August 8, 2013

BK Bun Bed

A Burger King worker in Japan has lost his job after he posted a photo of himself lounging around on a pile of buns!
Yes, I AM a dick!
BK apologised after the idiot employee tweeted the picture - which spread around the world. It said the buns were later disposed of, not served up. The same (now-closed) Twitter account also showed a pic of Idiot Boy sitting in a restaurant bin.
The newly-unemployed pillick joins a long list of former (obviously 'maturity-challenged') employees, fired after being hoisted on their own pittards. For example, just last week a Subway staff member was fired after posting a pic online of his genitals on top of a foot-long sub (and before you speculate, he'd placed himself widthwise, not lengthwise!!). Earlier this year a KFC worker was sacked when a photo of her licking a pile of mashed potatoes went viral. And a Russian flight attendant lost her job over a snap showing "the bird" being given to a planeload of passengers.
...and so am I!
As mentioned many times before, social media users must be aware that once a posting is made, it can not be retracted. It's "out there" for all to see - often the more stupid the photo or comment, the faster it'll spread. It may (???) seem clever to flop your dick onto a bread roll, but do you really think that'll stay private? (Intended pun!) Or tweeting you're having a great time at Big Day Out when your boss thinks you're actually home sick... duuhh!!!
Meanwhile, could someone please investigate the contents of the bucket on the right-hand side of that bun-bed photo! WTF?!!!

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