Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Swiss Cheese

Zurich, Switzerland's largest city, has launched a new drive-through service: prostitution!
Hookers: this way!
To help move the sex trade from the CBD, city officials have built a cluster of garagelike "sex boxes" at the edge of town. A motorist in search of action can cruise along a footpath lined with licensed hookers, and drive the one of his choosing to the relative privacy of a three-sided wooden stall.
From 7pm-5am, anyone can drive into the wooded park, negotiate a price with one of up to 40 prostitutes plying their trade, and park in one of the nine tarpaulin-covered garages.
To gain access to the new park's footpath (or to legally ply their trade anywhere in the city), the hookers must have a Swiss work permit, health insurance and a sex-worker license that costs 40 Swiss francs (about NZ$55) a year. They also must pay about NZ$7 in taxes for each night they work at the venue.
The new sex park was unveiled last weekend. In addition to the private parking sites, the venue includes bathrooms and showers, a security alarm in each box and cafe tables set among trees strewn with lights.
Park-up: the media get an eyeful...

The facility, approved by 53% of voters in a 2012 referendum, was built for NZ$500,000 less than the voter-approved NZ$3.3 million budget (!!!). It's also sexpected to cost more than NZ$900,000 a year in security and upkeep.
There's no truth that this initiative is being considered by Christchurch, as an end-use for the many shipping containers in use around the city...

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