Monday, January 28, 2013

Reflecting On Christchurch Demolition

With so many empty walls exposed by human or natural destruction, the Christchurch CBD is a veritable blank canvas for many artists.
The "Gap Filler" Artists' Collective has livened many a demolition site with short-term art. Now, another Christchurch artist - Mike Hewson - has been driven up the wall...
He's created a reflection of the old Government Life building on Gloucester Street. If you stand at the corner of Gloucester Street and Oxford Terrace, right by the traffic lights there, his work on the building wall in front neatly lines up as a reflection of the Govt Life building behind...even though it is painted on a surface that's not flat!
Hewson had an art studio in the Govt Life building for many years, but was never able to see that side of the building before the EQs, so for him it's a new perspective. Thanx for your creative juices, Mike!
Both buildings will be demolished in the next six months or so.

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