Thursday, January 10, 2013

Death Of A Wine-Abee

A second coroner in London has ruled that singer Amy Winehouse did die of alcohol poisoning, when she went on a drinking binge after a period of abstinence.
What a way to be remembered
Coroner Shirley Radcliffe's report has confirmed a ruling that'd been thrown out when it came to light that the coroner on the original inquest in 2011 lacked the proper qualifications.
Ms. Radcliffe said Winehouse died of alcohol toxicity and recorded a verdict of death by misadventure. She said the singer "voluntarily consumed alcohol - a deliberate act that took an unexpected turn and led to her death."
Winehouse was found dead in her London home in July 2011, with empty vodka bottles scattered around her body. According to The Daily Mail, she died while narcissistically watching YouTube videos of herself through an alcoholic haze.
The coroner found Winehouse's blood had five times the legal limit for alcohol for driving in Britain, a lethal level of 0.4%. A pathologist testified such a high concentration would cause respiratory arrest.
A doctor who'd treated the lush for addiction, said she had given up illicit drugs like heroin, crack cocaine and marijuana, but had struggled to stop drinking. Winehouse had begun drinking a few days before her death after two weeks of avoiding alcohol. The doctor reported that Winehouse "...said she started drinking again because she felt bored."
So let's get things clear then: Winehouse was no musical powerhouse, no misunderstood model of merit, no social saint in sullied skirt. She was an average muso with excessive indulgences, of which she died.
To those die-hard fans who sanctimoniously maintain their subject-of-worship couldn't possibly have died of her own excesses...let this second inquest be an end to it all. Time to move on now...

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