Thursday, January 24, 2013

Harawira Tries It On

Mana Party leader Hone Harawira is trying to force the door open for a return to the Maori Party.
This follows Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia's decision to step down at the next election. She's urged co-leader Pita Sharples to do the same, but he refuses. And so the cat-fight begins...with Te Ururoa Flavell ready to challenge Sharples for leadership.
Flavell fights...
Back into the political limelight steps ol' Hone Bro, who's barely been heard from in months. Shame the peace has been shattered: he says he'll consider a Prodigal Son return to the Maori Party, BUT ONLY AS ITS LEADER!!! And as if that's not enough, there'd be other conditions attached too!! One would be no more kissing National's butt...well, sorry to disillusion you, HH, but that's the only reason the Maori Party is actually IN Parliament! Sharples may also have to go: "Pita needs to signal his willingness to work with me to heal the wounds of the past."
Hone Bro: dreamer?
Harawira says he's been approached by various elders to come back because of divisions among the leadership: "It's nice to be wanted but being the leader right now is like being the captain of the Titanic just before it smacks into the iceberg." The Bro makes the astonishing claim that the Maori Party's membership had fallen from 24,000 when he was in it to just 600 today. OBVIOUSLY the membership has missed him SOOOOO much! Riiiight! Watch this space...

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