Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Advertising Decision Is Such A Bummer

When does a bum crack become clever advertising? When it's in NZ!
When does a bum crack become HIGHLY offensive? When it's in NZ!
This ad was saved by chadriley.com. Bless ya!
Oh yes, the land of milk, honey and PC bleaters strikes again. An ad on the back of a bus in Queenstown, for Franz Josef Glacier Guides - showing *shock-horror-probe* a builder’s butt crack - has been removed after a complaint.
As you see, the ad shows the classic "plumber's butt crack" as a labourer bends over. The other portion on the ad shows a man and a woman walking through a fissure (or in other words...a crack!) in the Franz Josef Glacier. The caption for the image reads: "Unlike his crack...you’ll want to explore ours."
Some might say that's a bit clever. Others might say borderline. However, some stick-in-the-mud by the name of K.Gardiner said it was offensive and in poor taste! "The graphic, which is a reproduced photo, and the comment, with sexual undertone, appears to be intended to entice people to explore a West Coast Glacier. I found being faced with the bare backside of a man and the comment to be very offensive...because it is very close to the practice of "mooning" which is meant to offend any who see it. Queenstown already has a reputation for allowing loose behaviour and this seems to reinforce that this behaviour is acceptable. In short it is in the most appalling bad taste."
Loose behaviour in Queenstown: golly gosh! 'The most appalling bad taste'? Tut! Tut! Tut!
Ngai Tahu Tourism argued to the Advertising Standards Authority that "Queenstown is an international tourism destination with a large number of sophisticated travellers...this is the only complaint or negative comment we have received. The intent is not a sexual undertone, rather making fun of a recognised fashion malfunction." The ad made no insinuation of mooning (full buttock exposure), and was clearly the globally-known "plumber's crack" phenomenon.
However, due to K.Gardiner's one - single - complaint, Ngai Tahu Tourism removed this vaguely amusing ad from the butt...er...the back of the bus, and thus the ASA did not act.
Methinx the ASA should instead act against K.Gardiner for being a timewasting up-tight prude! God help the complainant's moral values should he/she ever walk through Otara Town Centre on a Friday night.
Loosen up, K.G. - get a life!

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