Monday, January 21, 2013

Macca's Food Fluffs

Just saw a tv ad for a major food outlet.
Did a double-take.
Thought #1: "You gotta be kidding!"
It was for a Mexican Whopper: a sort of bizarre taco/burger hybrid, with the usual Mex salsa etc...but with crunchy nachos stuffed in as well!
Thought #2: "No way!That'll never fly!"
Thought #3: "Wonder what other food faux pas the various major international food chains have made?" Well, according to's has made quite a few!
All around the world, McD's food experts come up with new tastes. Some are big hits - the Angus beef burger was one of the most successful new products in the chain's history and is now a permanent menu item. Macca's both in NZ and Oz also offers lamb burgers, and Oz will trial a fish-and-chips burger for Australia Day in February.
But a McVegie burger with a chickpea patty failed to take off. CEO Catriona Noble: "People always ask: 'Why don't you have a vegetarian product?' Well, we just don't sell enough. In our type of business, when you don't sell enough, you can't maintain quality. I'd love to have a vegetarian burger but we've got to find one that's not just for vegetarians."
Failures are part of Macca's history. To help sales on Fridays (when Catholics supposedly don't eat meat), McDee's founder Ray Kroc proposed a Hula burger, featuring pineapple and cheese on a bun. It failed, but another franchisee's idea, the Filet-O-Fish, became a resounding success. Here's a quick Macca's crash-and-burn list:
Actually, I've had a falafel-filled McD's in Egypt - it was not the best...!
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