Thursday, January 17, 2013

Landmark Land Movement

This afternoon's 3.3 shake that was felt in Christchurch could be the 11,000th tremor since the 7.1 biggie early on 04 Sept.2010. 
The quake hit at 12.55pm, 15km E of Chch at 6km depth.
GNS Science geological hazard modeller Matt Gerstenberger says 11,000 quakes was a significant but expected number for the region to have experienced: "Anyone living here knows what it's been like. However, it is in the range of what we would have expected for a region that's had a large earthquake." He says many of those quakes would not have been felt.
He did not expect the number of quakes to go up greatly because, looking at the aftershock sequence, they will now be further apart and so the number will climb only slowly over time.

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