Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Have Another Drink, And Think About It...

So...we start 2013 by reiterating to the government what we - the voting public - want...and the government is STILL "thinking about it".
*sigh* Happy bloody New Year.
A Herald poll published yesterday shows almost two-thirds of New Zealanders support lowering the drink-drive limit and bringing the country in line with others. But despite police support and figures suggesting the move would save lives, the govt is still weighing up the benefits.
The survey shows 65% support cutting the limit from 80 micrograms of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 50mcg.
National road policing manager Superintendent Carey Griffiths says drivers at or around 80mcg were too drunk to drive safely: "For most people two drinks is well under 50mcg. It's not about stopping people enjoying a drink, it's about reducing the risk to everyone."
And for all drivers under the age of 20, a zero limit is in place.
The Ministry of Transport says in the past four years, 20 people have been killed in road accidents involving drinking drivers just below the current 80mcg legal limit.
Across the Tasman, Oz has a drink-drive limit of 50mcg.
University of Canterbury senior lecturer Eric Crampton is studying a drop in the limit, but says further analysis is needed, to determine how many people were driving within the 50mcg-80mcg range. The govt will not decide on lowering it until more research is complete.
Meanwhile, provisional stats released for 2012 show our road toll - albeit the 2nd lowest in 60yrs - rose against that of 2011. Alcohol was a factor in 31% of NZ's fatal crashes...
...but let's just "think about it" for another couple of years, huh?

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