Sunday, November 20, 2011

Whale Wars: Cameras Rolling

Looks like 2012 will be a big year for Sea Shepherd on tv.
As I blogged back in July 2011, Animal Planet filmed SS in the Faeroe Islands this summer (that was when the Faroese were too scared to undertake their bloody pilot whale butchery in full glare of the world's cameras!).
According to Capt.Paul Watson, founder of SS, next year we can also expect to see two specials, on their efforts in the Mediterranean and Namibia, Africa.
The Lizard Trading Company, which films the action aboard the SS vessels, has also substantially beefed up its TV crews, says Watson: "There'll be an Animal Planet film crew on 'Operation Divine Wind' on all three ships. We will be looking at 10-12 episodes. There will also be a five episode series on Whale Wars – The Faeroe Islands. In addition there will be two episodes on the Med Tuna campaign and two episodes on the Namibian Fur Seal campaign. In total, 19-21 SS episodes for 2012. As the show enters its fifth season, Whale Wars remains the No.1 watched show on the Animal Planet network."
That amount of exposure will bring joy to any SS fan – not to mention an unprecedented amount of publicity about its many campaigns outside of the Southern Ocean.
As Animal Planet has yet to announce a fifth season of Whale Wars, let alone premiere dates for any of those specials, we’ll just have to wait for their PR machine to make it official.
+ And on an ever-so-slightly-personal note: in the new series, keep your eyes peeled for possibly a quick flash of THIS BLOGSITE! The Whale Wars production team actually emailed me a few months back, wanting permission to use some of my material in their programme!!!
Would I like some global exposure...? For my humble efforts...???
Aw shucks, let me think about it for just a little bit...


BigMac said...

What the heck, don´t hesitate to put your head up SS a.. so everyone can see for them selves that this blog has no bias whatsoever.

Why shouldn’t you let them promote you for once when you have done so much for them by literally offering direct transcripts of their homepage on your site?

Don´t break the beautiful symbiosis between you and Paul Watson which now may come handy.

And don´t let any such ordinary thing as integrity get in the way of your road to fame and stardom.

Writer Of The Purple Sage... said...

Dear BigMac:
Nice to hear from you again.
But oh, such sarcasm! Such bitterness!
I've seriously suggested in the past, that some FI - maybe even YOU! - might start a blog, detailing every single grindadrap as it happens (because, strangely enough, this information is hard to find, out here in the real world! Hmmm, can't figure out why...).
The blog could show in blood-filled pictures the humane methods of killing, list numbers of animals killed -vs- numbers actually eaten and explain the wide difference between the two figures, convince the world why this completely unnecessary butchery continues in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary...curiously no-one has risen to the challenge.
If that's all too hard, someone (you?) could email me the info immediately it happens, and I'll circulate it. But that would be just too revealing, wouldn't it!
And please, when we're talking about grindadraps, there's absolutely NO WAY we can also discuss integrity in the same breath!

Anonymous said...

You made some decent points here. I checked on the web for more info about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this site.