Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Truth Is Out There

In the run-up to the NZ General Elections, I've seen many politicians' erections.
Errrr, let me rephrase that: I mean politicians' billboards, erected on virtually every intersection from here to eternity.
I've also noticed some citizens are treating said public exhibitionism with the disdain it all deserves. A vast majority of the hoardings near me have had moustaches stuck on their faces. No, not daubed on with a thick pen - actually stuck on. Those responsible have had moustaches made of adhesive paper expressly for this purpose!
Seems like lots of cost and effort for a little bit of fun...however the Mo Mob is not alone! 700 National Party billboards around NZ have been cleverly altered in a co-ordinated effort this week.
Pre-printed add-ons, altering the billboards' captions, were used. In Waitakere, a billboard promoting Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has had "The Rich Deserve More" plastered across the bottom. Others read: "Drill it, mine it, sell it".
An un-named organiser of the group said the new slogans reflect the truth: "We decided to help the National Party spell out its plans in ways every voter can understand. "They believe in increasing the deficit by giving the rich tax cuts, then selling state assets to reduce the deficit they just created, drilling oil wells along our coastline, and digging up forests for low grade coal. We want to make sure voters know that." Mystery Organiser Person says over 50 people were involved in altering the billboards: "The Prime Minister believes in transparency. He says he doesn't lie. We're happy to help."
Whoever did arrange this knew the exact dimensions of the boards, perfectly matching colour scheme and lettering style, organisational ability and money! Consider the quote from Mystery Organiser Person: smells a tad Kermit to me...
Update: And lo and behold! It WAS someone from the Greenies - and he's fallen on his sword.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen these images of altered election posters on Facebook, and they're hilarious. I like the one of John Key holding cash and saying, "Building a brighter future for me and my mates!"