Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is It Art – Or Just Plain SICK???

Just when I thought I'd heard every bizarre photography idea…
A US woman has posed naked and blood-soaked - INSIDE the carcass of a dead horse!
The local TV channel heavily
pixelated the images:
this is the SAFEST of them!
She and boyfriend had recently taken over care of the 32-year-old horse, which was in declining health. After the horse had been put down and gutted, the woman crawled inside the carcass and got pictures to prove it. The 21yr.old said she wanted to "feel as one" with the animal.
A police investigation has found no evidence of any criminal activity. The horse was not abused or tortured. It was killed in what law enforcement considers one of the most humane ways to put animals down, a single gunshot to the brain with a high-powered rifle. The meat was harvested and eaten…after the girl had wallowed her way through it!
In addition to THAT photo, there were others - including one of the woman and her boyfriend holding the horse's heart. In another, they hold a piece of the horse in front of their mouths – as if they're about to take a bite.
As if that wasn't bad enough, the pair then posted the pictures on-line and… well, you can imagine the response. The girl has received death threats and hostile contact from people across USA who have seen the pictures and labeled her everything from a devil worshipper to a pervert. Now police time is being wasted, tracking these threats and keeping a watch on the girl…
So is this just freedom-of-expression? Radical art? Is it ok, as long as the images carry a warning? Or has it crossed a line into areas that the majority would not condone? And once someone has stepped over that mark, how much further might they go?


Mad Bush Farm said...

Eerrrmmmmm.............right yes. Art is it? Definitely not. More a sick kind of fetish type display. I see dead horses now and then sadly they're destroyed for lions to eat but nobody does that sort of thing with the carcasses. I might as well go and get out my horse skull I have that I use for sketching and do odd things with that then call it 'art' Like hell it is more just plain wierd.

Anonymous said...

This turns my stomach.