Saturday, November 12, 2011

Having A Whale Of A Time

This video is so stunning, that it was shown repeatedly on US tv last weekend.
A surfer and two kayakers are floating off Santa Cruz, California... when two feeding humpback whales lunge straight up out of the water, jaws wide open, landing fairly close to the trio!
The close encounter was shot by Barbara Roettger: she says she noticed the telltale "bubble net" that meant the animals were coming to the surface but it was too late to move.
Currently a pod of whales is feeding close off the Santa Cruz coast. That's thrilling boaters and kayakers who've been flocking to see them up close, but alarming the US Coast Guard which is warning people to stay 30m away from the creatures or face a $2,500 for "whale harassment." Hungry whales are good at avoiding people while "lunge-feeding" but getting too close poses safety risks.
What's amusing is that the guys in the kayak were so busy checking out the female surfer in the bikini that they missed the real action right behind them! (Huh? What female surfer? What slim tanned body? What skimpy white-bottom black-top bikini? Never noticed...)

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