Saturday, November 5, 2011

Coronation Street Is BACK!

Eee, by goom, there is a god...I say, there is a god, like!!!
And her name is Ena Sharples!
Coronation Street
is returning to primetime, after an about-face by TVNZ.
After being sliced and diced by a public backlash, TVNZ has brought it back, in place of MasterChef Australia (the final of which was last Wednesday). Coro will screen at 7.30pm on Thursdays and Fridays from next week.
It's been less than a month since TVNZ moved Coronation Street to the earlier time of 5.25pm, and set itself the arduous task of constantly editing out all the saucy bits to make it suitable for Little Timmy to watch. Talk about making a rod for its own back!
Ellen will return to the 5pm slot (oh well, if we must...), while the best of Intrepid Journeys will take the 7.30pm Tuesday slot that
egg on face
Coronation Street once held.
Head of TV ONE and TV2 Jeff Latch tried to put a postive spin on his rapid reversal: "We always said we'd retain an open mind about the best place for Coronation Street, and TVNZ is very happy to give fans certainty about the show's placement." Riiiiight!
He warned Coronation Street would be interrupted again in three weeks, when TVNZ broadcasts the closing addresses for the general election and the final Leaders' Debate. *yawn*
Yea, yea...however you wanna spin it, Jeff, it's another victory for People Power! Don't mess with Coronation Street viewers!
Now, pass the sarnies, like...eee, there's a good lad.

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