Monday, November 28, 2011

Poo Power!

Here’s a motorcycle that doesn't leave anything to waste - because it's powered by excrement!
The curious creation, called Toilet Bike Neo, has been made by Japan's leading toilet manufacturer Toto and uses a modified lavatory and a mobile laboratory for poo processing.
Bizarrely, the rider is even encouraged to use the portaloo as much as possible on every journey, as the waste is turned into biofuel which powers the machine. Presumably the rider is also encouraged
to use discretion when taking part in the "personal refuelling" option!
The company hopes the travelling toilet, which can reach a maximum speed of 50mph, will help reduce CO2 emissions by 50% in the next six years.
The three-wheeled chopper is currently completing a 600-mile promotional tour of Japan. Sorry, I haven't managed to discover how many miles the rider gets, out of one standard bowel movement...

1 comment:

KT, Cal. said...

How will this actually work:
Does the rider sneak down a dark alleyway, open the lid, dump a load, and carry on his journey?
As Joe Average only needs to dump once or twice a day, would he have to carry reserve supplies of other peoples doo?
Does the rice-based asian diet produce more doo?
Do the exhaust fumes smell of HUMAN fumes?
Would vegan doo burn better or worse than omnivore doo?
No doubt all will be revealed in time. If only these scientists could do something BENEFICIAL with their time...they'd be flushed with success.