Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Of Babes And Fools...

As we count down to the commencement of Japan's 2011/2012 illegal Southern Ocean whale hunting season, I thought you might find this little gem of some interest...
Japan's top government whaling spokesman is Joji Morishita, well-known at International Whaling Commission (IWC) conferences.
His bio says he is "Deputy Director, Far Seas Fisheries Division, Fisheries Agency of Japan. He has held positions within the International Affairs Division, Fisheries Agency of Japan including Deputy Director, Fisheries Supervisor, and Section Chief. He has worked with the IWC, APEC Fisheries WG, CCSBT, NPAFC, NAFO, CCAMLR, IATTC, INPFC, PICES, IOFC and CITES."
His experience includes research on whales, marine mammals, tuna fisheries management, pollock management, highly migratory and straddling stock species, and development of artificial fishing reefs.

With that much experience - even if one doesn't agree with his position on commercial whaling - one would expect comments from him to be intelligent, considered, persuasive.
Not like this then...in 2001 he was interviewed by the BBC, and a question was asked:
Q: "Under what circumstances, if any, would Japan stop whaling?"
A: "When all species of whales are endangered or depleted we will follow the ruling of the IWC and we have to stop whaling."
"When all species of whales
are endangered or depleted,
we will stop whaling."
What more needs to be said? [Here is the entire transcript...]

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