Friday, April 8, 2011

What Shall We Call This, Then?

Names have started dribbling in for Hone Harawira's one-ring circus... even though he's still deciding whether he'll actually launch a political party for this year's election.
Foo, my party's gonna be THIS big, eh!
Harawira's been running a naming poll on his website, and says various options have popped up (including Tino Rangatiratanga, the name of his racist "up yours, whitey" separatist flag - gee, that was a surprise!). Personally I like 'The Bro-dy Bunch' myself.
Hone-bro's been the centre of idle speculation, that he might set up a new left-wing party in time for the November election. But bearing in mind how long The Maori Way traditionally takes to consult, ponder, debate and finally decide, I'll be surprised if this happens. HH says any decision will be down to his Far North followers in the Tai Tokerau electorate, who've backed him as an independent. And supposedly a new party wouldn't be able to contest the four Maori seats presently held by the Maori Party, under the divorce deal agreed when he left. But his continued sniping at his previous pals has led them to consider taking the gloves off.
HH's said a decision will be announced on April 30th. Shame it wasn't done 29 days earlier: that would've been far more appropriate!

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