Friday, April 15, 2011

Shameless Vulture

A man who offered permanent NZ residency through tribal adoption was found guilty this week of altering a document with intent to cause loss.
In 2009 Gerard Otimi bullshitted illegal overstayers, that they could avoid deportation if they paid him $500 each to be adopted into his tribe.
The mostly Tongan and Samoan victims had their passports stamped and signed by Otimi, and were issued certificates giving them permission to remain in NZ as a hapu (kinsman).
The 32 victims were so desperate to stay that they believed this shyster. Otimi's scheme was a godsend in their eyes - a chance to remain in NZ 'lawfully', the removal of the overstayer stigma and relief from possible deportation.
As part of his defence, this maori rip-off artist (with previous history of suspect deals) dissed the court, saying it did not have jurisdiction to hear his case because maori had retained their sovereignty under the 1835 Declaration of Independence, and he claimed the Treaty of Waitangi was an "immigration document" that allowed others to come here.
This immature refusal to accept reality (which surely borders on contempt of court) is rife among the rabid fringe of maoridom (eg: the Harawiras, Popata brothers, Tame Iti etc). It drags the collective maori image down in the interests of personal greed, and does nothing to nuture racial harmony. Otimi's actions have also shown great disrespect towards his own people.
I don't know if Otimi has any authority in his tribe, but that doesn't give him any authority to override the laws of this land. I've touched on this subject several times in the past and will continue to point out that, regardless of our own political leanings, ethnicity, longevity in NZ... this is ONE nation and there is but ONE set of laws.
Anyone who claims otherwise has permanent right-of-residency in The Great White Cloud Cuckoo Land!
PS: 15 June 2011 - Otimi faces jail if he doesn't pay up.

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Mad Bush Farm said...

Makes you wonder sometimes where people like him are really coming from. I feel sorry for his victims getting ripped off by this crook. What a sod!