Monday, April 4, 2011

Warming Bwitain's Bedwooms

With many Western countries trying to motivate people about energy efficiency, Friends Of The Earth in Britain have launched a rather steamy tongue-in-cheek video, apparently inspired by Barack Obama saying a few years back that "insulation is sexy stuff".
In this clip, a young man's carbon-obsessed date is turned on by his wall insulation...but the bedroom action screeches to a halt when she notices *shock*horror*probe* his TV is on standby! Insulatus interruptus! Don't ya just hate it when that happens?
Friends of the Earth is calling for the UK Government to do more to insulate British homes, tackle climate change and help vulnerable people who spend more than they can afford trying to stay warm at home.
I'll assume this is a legit campaign (targeting the UK Govt's Energy Bill currently being debated). But I note it was launched on 1st April, so who knows?

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