Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fit To Fly...Again.

It's said that you can't keep a good man down.
The same goes for a foul-mouthed giggling racist, it seems.
Paul Henry was seen this week in a cameo appearance on Air New Zealand's latest in-flight safety video. (Why our national carrier would use someone considered a racist in India, the world's second most populous country, is beyond me!) The clip features another burnt-out hack, fitness freakazoid Richard Simmons. And such is the power of social networking that this video is currently one of the most-viewed in the world! [here's the clip... PH appears at about 2'30".]
But now the real shock! Paul Henry is taking to the air again - and I'm not meaning for Air NZ!
I thought this could only have been an April Fool's joke but sure enough: Henry will soon be back on-screen after brokering a deal with TV3 AND will also rejoin RadioLive as the new 4pm-6pm weekdays host from July (the same slot he held in April 2005 and again in 2007 - the one vacated by Maggie Barry last year).
BITE me!!!
The former TVNZ Breakfast host fell on his sword last October following a string of callous and racist remarks, and hundreds of complaints. I can't imagine Henry toning it down for TV3. In fact, they'll probably have grabbed him for that very reason: mark my words, he'll be as obnoxious as ever - and loving the controversy.
MediaWorks (owner of TV3 and RadioLive) has so far given no details about which programmes he'll be involved with. I look forward to that I can select which ones to avoid!

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