Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Little Bit Of Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing

A nationwide outbreak of irrational panic is sweeping Korea.
The presence of insignificantly tiny amounts of radiation in some rainwater over part of Sth.Korea has children wearing masks and schools closed!
School boards across Korea, which is Japan’s closest neighbour, advised principals to use their discretion in scrapping outdoor activities to address concerns expressed by paranoid parents. An official communique said that schools should try to refrain from outdoor activities, so as not to alarm parents unduly with the current level of radiation reported.
Some schools near the capital Seoul actually did shut for a day. [So...what...the kids returned the next day and now glow in the dark??]
The Korea Herald even reported that the Sth.Korean govt had been considering making an artificial rainstorm to “block the inflow of radioactive materials” from Japan...but then the prevailing winds changed.
Gotta wonder just how much information is getting through...

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