Saturday, April 2, 2011

Food In Ya Face!

For those who don’t cook, microwaving a frozen meal might be a regular dinner option.
But for busy folk on a budget, the Big Brother of US supermarkets - Kraft - has teamed up with Intel to develop facial recognition Meal Planning Solution technology (or MPS)!!!
MPS scans your face and, based on what it finds there, recommends different dinner options. If you're exhausted from a long hard day, you just swipe your loyalty card and the kiosk will spit out ideas based on your buying history. The machine also dispenses a small sample of Kraft product, that you can munch on while shopping for the recommended Kraft ingredients. Ah yes, of course, there's always a "Krafty" hook, isn't there! And naturally, MPS will offer buy-in to other companies, for their products to be among the suggested meal options.
The Minority Report-type technology has already been demonstrated at several big US food shows, and is part of Intel’s "Connected Store" concept.
MPS seems to be the type of totally unnecessary technology we're told we simply can't live without! Nothing like computerised intrusion into a very basic human activity. Perhaps what's really needed is technology that makes healthier recommendations. If a teenager shows up with greasy pizza written all over his face, the machine could provide a food alternative that won’t give the guy heart disease by the time he’s 50!

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