Thursday, June 10, 2010

Callie's Underwear Dance

Last year I posted about the delicious Sara Ramirez, Hispanic-and-Hot actress playing Dr.Callie Torres on TV's Grey’s Anatomy. I still get a few emails about that post – not only from guys who’re appreciative of the curvy female form, but also from generously-shaped gals who find Sara (pronounced Sa-da), to be inspirational...

One of the best moments in Grey’s Anatomy:Season 3 was Callie’s near-legendary "underwear dance". It certainly rocked TV Land at the time! Imagine: a non-stick-figure woman diggin’ the groove in her knickers and looking damn hot! OMG!
If you missed that solo scene down in the Seattle Grace Hospital basement (or would like to see it again - and again - and again)…
here it is: enjoy!

Remember: "Life may not be the party we hoped for...but while we're here, we might as well DANCE!"

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