Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Please Engage Brain When Using SmartPhone

In America – the land of opportunity – the best way to fend off the embarrassment caused by your own stupidity is to find someone to drag through court.
In the case of Lauren Rosenberg, struck by a car after walking into a busy flow of traffic in Utah, she's dumping the blame for her 'lack of situational awareness' squarely on the shoulders of Google Maps!
According to her, Google Maps told her to walk along busy State Route 224 to reach her destination. But she says the map didn't warn her it was a high-speed road with no pedestrian paths. It obviously didn't tell her to open her eyes either...duuhh!
Rosenberg, trying to weasel US$118,000 from Google to cover medical bills and loss of income, says the warning on the PC version of Google Maps (as you can see in the picture, in yellow highlight) is not on the portable version she was seeing on her ironically-named BlackBerry smartphone...
And to cover all her money-grubbing options, she's also suing the motorist who struck her, for "severe permanent physical, emotional, and mental injuries"... though her mental state may well have existed prior this incident!
Do all instructions need to add: "Please use brain when following these directions"?

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