Sunday, June 13, 2010

Football and Some Damn Good Ads!

It's the Federation Internationale de Football Association's 106th birthday this year, marked by South Africa currently hosting the African continent's first-ever FIFA World Cup.
Huge sporting events bring out the best in tv commercials, from global companies with massive production budgets. I love these sorts of ads: not only are audiences treated to some outstanding cinematography (even if it is advertising!), but generally damn good soundtracks too.
Thumbs up to Nike for its classy showing the excitement of the World Cup both on and off the field. It uses the amazing 1971 hit Hocus Pocus - a wonderfully weird mix of rock, flute, yodelling and falsetto by Focus (with Thijs van Leer and Jan Akkerman), a Dutch group now lost in the mists of time...

Meanwhile Pepsi's Cup ad uses Akon's song Oh Africa, a charity single released to benefit underprivileged youth in Haiti. The Soweto Gospel Choir provides backing, while the commercial features some of today's greatest footie stars: Messi, Henry, Kaka, Lampard, Ashavin, and Drogba.

Puma's commercial captures the love of the game that transcends borders...'bringing football back to its roots. Because love = football.' Shot on location in Angola, Ghana and The Ivory Coast, it's soundtrack is Going On by Gnarls Barkley, and features players Samuel Eto'o, Gervinho, Emmanuel Eboue and Mohammed Zidan.

...but the most bizarre must be this ad for Freeview HD, featuring the 1982 hit by Canadian New Wave band, Men Without Hats, Safety Dance...and the Tiny Streaker!!

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