Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bulletpoints On Tuesday 8 June 2010

26 years after the Bhopal gas tragedy, eight Indian managers – including Union Carbide India's former chairman – have been found guilty...then given very lenient sentences! Poisonous gas leaking from the Bhopal plant on 2-3rd.December 1984 killed over 35,000 people in its aftermath. The US mother company always maintained it was not to blame, as it was not involved in the plant's daily operation: yeah, right! No sense of moral responsibility? kiwi songster Tim FinnNZ remembers Bhopal in Tim Finn's classic 1985 song: No Thunder No Fire No Rain.
The Police's well-publicised 'zero tolerance' speed blitz this long Queens Birthday holiday weekend saw the lowest road toll since records began in 1956: just one death as opposed to ten last year! Mind you, the violent storm hitting the whole country may also have helped...Why does Sir Geoff always look so grumpy?
Despite NZ's Sir Geoffrey Palmer being suggested to head a UN enquiry into the fatal Gaza blockade, the Israelis will do their own investigation, thanks very much. Perhaps they don't want to be probed by a man who completely shafted his own country over whaling...
Good on ya, Mad Butcher!And in the Queens Birthday Honours List, the "Mad Butcher" became Sir Peter Leith for services to philanthropy and sport. Richard Taylor, who won five Oscars and four Baftas for his effects work on the films The Lord of the Rings and King Kong, was also knighted, as was Fred Allen, who captained the All Blacks from 1946-1949, and coached them during a 14-test unbeaten run 1966-1968.

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