Monday, June 21, 2010

Plus Size Is A Joke

Julien MacDonald suffers from foot in mouth diseaseUK designer Julien MacDonald (maker of skimpy upmarket glam) is in hot water when, talking about the tv show Britain's Next Top Model, he said: "This is a serious show. You can't have a plus-size girl winning - it makes it a joke". Ouch! Crystal Renn says Bite Me!MacDonald will chair the jury of the show, and it seems he's already made up his mind over what qualities the winner must have...
Tell that to plus-size supermodel Crystal Renn, who hit back in the Independent, saying beauty is not about size and it is terribly wrong to create a strong division between straight-size and plus-size models. The catwalk should be like the road, with different sizes, and she'd like to see a move away from titles like "plus size". She says the winner should be beautiful and talented, able to pose, with passion and charisma, whatever her size...
New York's Full Figured Fashion Week
To accentuate that curvy girls are not a joke, New York has just concluded its 2nd.annual Full Figured Fashion Week, completely dedicated to plus size fashion, models and business. The marketplace is thirsty for innovative stylish creations that flatter curvy figures, and FFFWeek is an exciting promise of fuller fashion evolution.
Meanwhile the June 2010 issue of French Marie Claire has gone curvy with editorials featuring plus-size models in lingerie and swimsuits à la française - some with only bottoms, no tops!
PS: 14 July 2010 - Macdonald is rapidly backpedalling: "I was misquoted! I meant to say I think there's room for everyone in fashion, but if you're a plus-sized model the opportunities are less - there's just less work for plus-sized models." The designer then added with a bit of pride, "I don't try to cover up plus-size women, I want them to accentuate their bodies." Yea...right, Julien! Too little, too late!


Wendy C., Perth said...

Who is this arrogant prick?
A judge who has already decided the outcome of the show?! does he regard us BBWs as inferior beings? We too buy upmarket clothing - if we can find good styles to FIT! But I for one will check the labels b4 buying anything designed by HIM.

Carla Mendez, TX said...

I agree, Wendy. For far too long the voluptuous have been pretty much ignored on the clothes racks, unless it is with very budgetlooking sacks to wear.The high-end brands are getting better,but alot of us can't afford those prices. The labels would make alot more money if they focused on making good quality nicely styled gear for daily use by us BBWs.