Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Delightful Dr.Torres

Her name is Sara Ramirez. You probably recognise her as Dr.Callie Torres from the TV hit series, Grey's Anatomy. Mexican actress with luscious hair, come-to-bed eyes and a husky voice...she's being held up as a poster child for the American Plus-Size Revolution. Most reviewers try to be discreet about not mentioning her curves in anything other than a complimentary manner. Yet it wasn't too long ago that the USA movie/modelling worlds wouldn't have touched her with a very long stick. My, my, how times have changed...!
To many, she's delightful, very sexy...but Plus-Size? Hell, she's only a 12 (in NZ terms, that's around a 14-16).

And that's my point: America has become sooooooo conditioned to pretzel-logic on-screen and catwalk, that if a woman is not a stick insect, she's labelled as...*gasp*...fat! Or worse still...obese!
But these curves are the general female population's NORM, not some aberration, she's not some FAT girl who SOMEHOW got a lucky break. OMG! Is Hollywood finally getting real?
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