Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's In A Name...?

Eeeeeee, by gooom!Ever 'googled' your own name?
We're all curious over who-knows-what about us out there, right? Gee, someone with my name in Outer Mongolia is doing a research project on the brain patterns of newts!
Well, get this: apart from being a famous English playwright, athlete, CEO and musician, I've also appeared in the early days (Episode 88) of TV's Coronation Street!
In 1961 my namesake lived in the flat (No.15A Coronation Street) above the corner shop - now owned by Dev Alahan but, then, owned by Elsie Lappin (her claim to Coro fame was that she spoke the first-ever line in the series: "Now the next thing you've got to do is get a signwriter in. That thing above the door'll have to be changed.")
Other well-known characters to have lived in 15A include: Jerry Booth, Emily Nugent, Betty Turpin, Irma Barlow, Bet Lynch, Deirdre Langton and daughter Tracey, Alf and Audrey Roberts, Sally and Kevin Webster, Curly Watts, Ken Barlow, Nita Desai, Sunita Parekh, and so really did need to know this, right?

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