Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hour By Hour, We're Saved by Jack Bauer...

24 logo "24": you're either there or you're not. If you're into it then you're REALLY into it, and you won't need to read a synopsis here. If you're not into it - you philistine, you! - then you also wonJack Bauer't need to read a synopsis here. Back to sipping cocoa in front of "Coronation Street" !
It is however a very clever TV concept, where every minute on-screen is a minute in 'real-time' action. Of course, there's poetic licence taken to sustain the storyline and also a large dose of 'temporary suspension of disbelief' (let's face it: not even Bond, James Bond, could do so much for so many in such a short time)! Meanwhile, I'm proud to say that every week I settle down to watch the latest episode... sipping my hot cocoa from my official "24" mug!!
Now that's possibly being TOO MUCH into it!

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