Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Gentle Language of Flowers

If you're a romantic at heart, you'll know that a bouquet of flowers speaks volumes. Every kind of emotion or sentiment can be expressed within a flower's delicate petals. While a nice floral bouquet conveys love and thoughtfulness, many types of flowers are traditionally associated with different meanings. Here're a few of our favourite flowers and their associations:
Almond blossom - hope
Red carnation - admiration
White carnation - pure love, innocence
Daffodil - unrequited love
Daisy - gentleness, loyalty
Hibiscus – beauty
Iris - friendship
White lily - majesty, purity; Pear blossom - health, hope; Orchid - beauty, refinement; Tulip - symbol of the perfect lover; Violet - modesty, simplicity
Rose - one of the most popular and well-known flowers, comes in a variety of hues and shades, each of which has a different significance. Make sure you're sending that special someone the right message with the right-coloured rose!
red - the universal symbol of love, can also signify courage, beauty, and respect.
white - these elegant flowers are a wonderful way to show someone you care. They're commonly associated with purity and innocence.
light pink - can make a great gift for a friend. They're symbolic of fun and happiness.
yellow - is an emblem of platonic love and friendship, symbolizing joy and promise of a new beginning.
Flowers have a unique language that's been used by people for hundreds of years to convey emotions without words. So whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just want to help a loved one feel extra special, flowers are a truly wonderful way to express your feelings.


Richard said...

Great post! I've always wanted to learn the significance of different types of flowers and colours. Well done :) Definitely bookmarked.

rose said...

Interesting...say no more