Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Harawira Apologies...Or Does He?

Yes, I AM a dick! And you whiteys better get used to it!Centre-stage in NZ politics over the last month: MP Hone Harawira's racist remarks, after being busted for a private trip on public money, an abusive email and comments that Opposition Leader Phil Goff should be put up against a wall and shot.
After the Maori Party debated his fate (for three weeks!), he's managed to avoid political death with today's very 'careful' apology:
...I met with my caucus colleagues, and heard first-hand the pain and the suffering they have had to go through because of the senseless comments I made in an email a few weeks back, and for that I apologise.
The Maori Party has built up a good deal of credibility and goodwill... and has a vital role to play in building new pathways for our nation. My comments have derailed much of that credibility and set back our efforts to build bridges for our people into the future, and for that I apologise.
I also recognise the responsibility that I carry as a leader within Maoridom and I apologise most sincerely to all young Maori... for the bad example that I have set by my comments.
I apologise also to those NZers, both Maori and Pakeha, and particularly women, who have been offended by my comments. They were insensitive, hurtful, unnecessary, and I apologise for the grief and anguish they have caused.
Is this an apology? He's withdrawn from language used and pain caused... but has publically said the anti-white sentiments remain.
Opposition Leader Mr Goff thinks Harawira believes a different standard applies to Maori. "He's proud of ripping the taxpayers off and genuinely believes white people are to blame for all his problems."
Ngapuhi leader David Rankin says he's embarrassed by the apology: "Harawira has disgraced our iwi with his gutter language and caused more racial division in NZ society than any other single person in a generation. As an MP, we expect certain standards, and instead Mr Harawira has dragged down all of Ngapuhi to his level."
Time will tell whether those who Hone believes he's making a stand for... will actually stand for it! Meanwhile his mother must be proud...
PS: 24 Dec.2009 - The latest in the ongoing Harawira saga: another expletive-filled email from Hone to Maori Affairs staff, over the Maori flag consultation process. He's seriously blotted his copybook with Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples. Well, as any farmer will tell you, when you have a rabid dog, you're best to have it put down...

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