Tuesday, December 29, 2009

24 Season 8: Official Photos

24 Season 8: cast shot outside United Nations building, NYWith just three weeks to go now before 24: Season 8 begins its run in USA (17 Jan.2010), some photographs from the first episodes are appearing on the net. Here're a few stills from Episode One and Episode Two.
Over the last six months it's been interesting to read numerous sites, news releases and interviews containing hints at what might be. I've tried to focus on pieces that seemed more 'official'... especially as the cast lists and storylines gradually morphed into what we're soon to see.
In a tense scene, Jack shows Brian Hastings the colour matches: See? You GOTTA paint the ceiling GREEN!My 23 November post drew these together into a vague framework and I've kept updating it over the previous few weeks as more has come to light - so it should provide a reasonably accurate starting point.
But hey - with 24, anything is possible!
How about a "behind-the-scenes" featurette! Enjoy!

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