Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Great Divide...

This week the NZ Government announced TWO flags would fly above the Auckland Harbour Bridge and official buildings on New Zealand Day: the flag of the people of this country and that of maori... sadly, there IS a clear distinction.
Maori protestors at NZ ParliamentThis issue has been controversial for some time – given that maori have taken about 160 years to decide which of five flags they want as an all-encompassing representation (and Far North maori are still not thrilled with the final choice), and also that the flag selected (the Tino Rangatiratanga flag) is to many people symbolic of radical protestors and Maori Separatism ie: anti-white racism.
Prime Minister John Key says the gesture signifies partnership and unity, and in no way changes the status of the NZ flag. But it's well-known that the flying of Tino Rangatiratanga alongside the NZ flag is part of the multi-level trade-off by National, to secure Maori Party support for the just-as-controversial Emissions Trading Scheme being fast-tracked through the House. And the decision is making waves within the House itself.
This week's press release by the NZ Centre For Political Research ["Two Flags, Two Peoples, A Divided Nation"] picks the scab off the national wound that too many skirt around for the sake of votes – that wound is racism.
QUOTE: "...the Maori rights movement with its assertion of racial privilege has grown strong as a result of the actions of politicians... prepared to sacrifice racial harmony on the alter (sic) of electoral support. Those individual MPs...who have persuaded their colleagues to support Maori rights over the rights of all other New Zealanders to equality before the law, have done the country a grave disservice. As a result of their lack of courage a bloated grievance industry continues to fuel the growing racial divide."
The flag-flying is a toe-in-the-door, and sadly on the other side of that door is apartheid, pure and simple.

WHO's being led by the nose???

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