Monday, December 21, 2009

Who Said; "Danger, Will Robinson?"

the DVD cover of the complete re-released Lost In Space Season OneOn a few of my blogs, I've used the phrase "Danger, Will Robinson!" to highlight computer virus issues. Someone recently googled: 'Which Star Wars character actually used that phrase?' Well, to set the record straight, this was never said in any Star Wars movie.
It came from a late-'60s US tv series Lost In Space, a space version of the classic Swiss Family Robinson novel (and not to be confused with the 1998 movie, very loosely based on the original tv shows). The warning line was delivered by the robot (every good sci-fi story has a robot, right?), to another character, Will Robinson. Other classic one-liners by the robot were: "That does not compute", and "I cannot accept that course of action".
almost as good as the real thing!the robot and Will RobinsonOver the years, a large fanbase has built up for the robot, so much so that now (if you have a spare US$25,000) you can buy a handcrafted full-sized working replica.
Lost In Space may not have been as intellectual as Star Trek (and it was originally in black and white too!) but it was good, clean, scary fun! Yay, retro!

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