Sunday, May 31, 2015

No Trophy Kills On South African Airways

Africa's largest airline has banned the shipment of endangered animal trophies on its flights.
That’s right. There will be no more leopard-skins or elephant heads allowed onboard South African Airways (SAA).
Take that, trophy hunters!
SAA country manager Tim Clyde-Smith: "SAA will no longer support game hunters by carrying their trophies back to their country of origin. The vast majority of tourists visit Africa in particular to witness the wonderful wildlife that remains. We consider it our duty to work to ensure this is preserved for future generations and that we deter activity that puts this wonderful resource in danger."
No exception will be made, even if the hunter holds a valid permit issued by the relevant authorities to transport the animal.
This news comes after the recent revelation that the rate of rhinos poached last year in South Africa was bigger than ever.
Conservationists are onboard with the idea, seeing it as a bold and positive move to limit human-induced mortalities.
Wouldn't it be great if other international carriers made similar moves...

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