Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Zit-Popping Explosion

We've all had the odd zit or pimple, that we got rid of with a quick if painful squeeze in private.
But now, watching people pop zits and squeeze cysts is so popular on YouTube that the videos are getting multi-million views and turning top uploaders into celebrities!
YouTube has everything from a 2sec.clip of a zit exploding, to a 10-minute saga of pus oozing from a cyst that was so big it had its own name, George.
Other hits involve a man popping a 20-year-zit on the back of his neck and one labelled 'Best pimple pop ever' which has 30 million views and an introduction like a blockbuster movie!
These videos are so POP-ular that you can get paid for your popping footage - yeup, US$20 (NZ$26) from Pop That Zit! Pop That Zit details five types of zit-poppers...including OPZPs (other people's zit-poppers) who fantasise about squeezing pus out of other people. Baaarrrfff!!!
This fad has created celebrities such as Dr Vikram Yadav, whose video of popping nose blackheads has been viewed 15 million times. Its four sequels amassed another 50 million views.
So why are these videos so popular? According to Daniel Kelly, a Purdue Uni professor, it's because we get to experience something yucky or maybe dangerous without suffering the painful effects. Viewers commenting on the videos often say they're "satisfying". The videos hold a similar attraction to horror movies: no-one wants to be a victim of a crazed killer but many love to watch others suffer.
Nupe - not buying into this. It's just plain SICK!!! Use some Clearasil, kids...or better still, try washing your damn faces like mum said!

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