Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sea Shepherd Expects Icy Reception

Anti-whaling activists Sea Shepherd will be sending ships to Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands in the weeks to come, as minke whaling prepares to begin.
The organisation has already declared victory over Japan in the southern hemisphere, and will now be turning its attention to the
North Atlantic.
Adam Meyerson, captain of the SS ship Bob Barker, says that now there's a greater need to protect whales in the Nth.Atlantic. Meyerson says it's not yet been decided how many ships will be sent into the region, or what kind of actions they'll be taking (as this is decided on a case-by-case basis). However in the Southern Ocean, SS emphasised direct interference with whaling vessels as its primary method.
The Northern Hemisphere announcement comes as the hunting of minke whales gears up for a start as early as this week.
SS has a "special" history with Iceland. In 1986, the group claimed responsibility for sinking two whaling boats in Reykjavík harbour - the act has never been forgotten by many Icelanders.
In 2011, the Icelandic government criticised Holland and Australia for offering services to SS, calling the group a "terrorist organisation".

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