Saturday, May 23, 2015

Faroe Islands: Set The Whales Free!

Sea Shepherd has announced its 2015 Faroe Islands pilot whale defence campaign will be called Operation Sleppid Grindini.
From June 14 until October, SS will return to the rugged but beautiful Faroe Islands to again halt the mass slaughter of long-finned pilot whales and other small cetaceans there.
The campaign marks the commencement of SS's increased presence in the North Atlantic, where the organisation will use its Southern Ocean successes to combat the continuing slaughter
Sam Simon
of cetaceans.
The slaughter, known by the Faroese word grindadrĂ¡p or grind, is a brutal and bloody tradition that wipes out entire family groups of whales and dolphins at one time.
The 2015 campaign name sleppid grindini means "set the whales free" in Faroese - and is the traditional order used by the grind foreman to call off a whale hunt.
Op.Sleppid Grindini campaign leader Captain Alex Cornelissen: "Our crews will do everything legally possible to ensure the pilot whales are set free. Our intervention is not aimed at imposing our values on the Faroese. It is part of a global movement driven by the passion to protect these pilot whales and all of the precious life in our oceans."
Op.Sleppid Grindini will be SS's 6th.campaign in the Faroes, and will have the organisation's strongest sea presence in the region to date. SS vessels Bob Barker and Sam Simon will be joined by its fast trimaran Brigitte Bardot.
Brigitte Bardot in the Faroes

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