Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Big Bang Theory 2: Cop Shop WILL Drop

Mystery and confusion has dogged the date of Christchurch's next building implosion.
The actual day/time's been much-speculated about (and erroneously reported as fact) on social media. Then the PR dept of building owner Ngai Tahu Property (NTP) made sabre-rattling 'Public: Thou Shalt Keep Away!' noises, insisting we avoid witnessing such a rarity, and instead watch it on telly. NTP said security fencing would preclude a good view anyway so...
nyah-nyah...bugger off!
Now a date's been announced. OFFICIALLY.
The earthquake-damaged former Christchurch Central Police Station on Hereford St WILL be demolished by implosion on Saturday 30 May at 8am!
(Back-up date: Sunday 31.)
However we've been told (asked?) to stay away from the implosion. Yea, right. AS IF!!!
I was there on 05 Aug.2012 when the Radio Network Bldg became NZ's first imploded building. The several thousand spectators enjoyed 7.7sec of great fun! No-one was endangered. No-one was hurt. So to hell with the PR nazis. We'll all be kept at a safe distance, and still catch the thrill.
If being part of NZ history appeals to you, don't miss this!

Event: former Christchurch Central Police Station demolition
What: NZ's second building implosion
When: Saturday 30 May, 8am

UPDATE: 29 May 2015 - Implosion has been delayed and will now take place on the back-up day, Sunday 31 May 5pm.

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