Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Wonders Of Rubber

Here we are: New Zealand Day.
And what could be more Koiwoi than gumboots?
Around the world, they may be known as rubber boots, wellies, wellingtons, topboots, billy-boots, gumbies, gummies, rainboots, or Alaskan Sneakers...but here in Godzone, they're gumboots!
(And roll patriotic music) Our landscape was carved by men in gumboots! One of our comedic icons had a hit song about gumboots!! Taihape has an annual festival for gumboots!!!
Recently Tess Novak emailed me - she's writer, director and a producer of a short film called 'A Kiwi Legend'. This is a mockumentary about the use of that ultimate koiwoi icon, the gumboot. It features a star-studded cast of Kiwi legends: Melanie Lynskey (Hollywood actor), Valerie Adams (champion shot-putter), Colin Meads (rugby legend), Dai Henwood and Steve Wrigley (comedians), Denise L'Estrange-Corbet (designer), Beauden Barrett (All Black) and Kane Barrett (Blues player).
Gumboots: a bit of a dagg, mate!
It premiered at Tropfest NZ, our branch of the largest short film festival in the world. Tropfest is held in the US, Israel, Oz, China and France. Each entry in this year's inaugural Tropfest NZ had to include the signature item, a gumboot.
The 16 finalists' 7min. films played in front of 8,000 at New Plymouth's Bowl of Brooklands in late January, followed by the announcement of NZ's first Tropfest winner. 'A Kiwi Legend' won the Viewer's Choice Award.
So, for your viewing pleasure this NZ Day, check out 'A Kiwi Legend'! What could be more koiwoi...?

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Madame48 said...

Absolutely loved it!!!
Well done Tess Novak. I would love to see this short film screened in cinemas before the main feature and as in flight entertainment on our National airline. The content & mixture of NZ celebraties made it thoroughly enjoyable.