Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Race War On The Tarmac

Is this guy plain (plane) suicidally stupid?
Prosser: no
swastika lapel badge?

New Zealand First MP Richard Prosser thinks no young Muslims should be allowed on Western airlines because most terrorists are Muslim!
The Waimakariri list MP says he accepts most Muslims are not terrorists, but it's "equally undeniable that most terrorists are Muslims". His 'final solution': an all-encompassing radical prohibition of all Muslim males from "our aeroplanes." He says they shouldn't be allowed to fly again until Islam has "taken upon itself and proven it is able to prevent extremists". Prosser said he wants an end to "pandering to an upstart minority''. (Hmm, perhaps he should look closer to home…but that's another story.) He writes in his Eyes Right column in Ian Wishart's Investigate magazine: "If you are a young male, aged between 19-35, and you're a Muslim, or you look like a Muslim, or you come from a Muslim country, then you're not welcome to travel on any of the West's airlines...I will not stand by while [his daughters'] rights and freedoms of other NZers and Westerners, are denigrated by a sorry pack of misogynist troglodytes from Wogistan.''
Sound familiar...?
He was inspired to write his two-page rant "Enemy of the State" after having his penknife confiscated at Christchurch airport. Awwww!!! Precious Prosser has conveniently forgotten the lessons learnt from previous in-flight incidents involving seemingly innocuous items such as box-cutters...instead he claims "ordinary people are being treated like suspects and pariahs".
Prosser, a self-titled 'Kiwi Nationalist', ran unsuccessfully for the Waimakariri electorate in 2011, getting only 538 votes. He later joined Parliament as a list MP for the party. Oh, bloody great! So NZ will be painted as an Aryan state, by someone wanted by only 538 voters!
Prosser's pillick prattlings have sparked on-line outrage and been slammed by a Muslim leader. NZ Muslim Assn president Haider Lone says the "senseless" comments are racist and will tarnish NZ's good reputation abroad. Lone has called on NZ First leader Winston Peters to discipline Prosser.
What do you think of this plonker's comments? He certainly has not balanced his attack by pointing out that most Muslims are peaceful and law-abiding – but is there an element of truth in his diatribe? Can Islam in general be blamed for the outrageous acts of an extreme few?

PS: 14 Feb.2013 - Prosser sorry but backlash continues.
PS: 14 Feb.2013 - I'm staying - get over it.


Dean S. said...

Prosser has SUCH an appropriate christian name - DICK!!!

Anonymous said...

There was a poll in the Herald that showed 75% of people reckoned he should resign!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should give back his liddle he can do harikari. Oh no, he already DID that with his article, eh!