Monday, February 11, 2013

Iran: Monkey Or President - Any Difference?

Soon after Iran said it'd sent a monkey into space at the end of January, observers started wondering if it'd been just monkeying
Spot the difference...
Iran's official pre-launch photos showed a distinctive monkey with a mole above its right eye. But footage after it supposedly returned showed another monkey altogether - one without a mole, with darker fur, and with a changed facial structure and nose shape. Opps!
If Iran's going to blow its own trumpet after ' yet another great Iranian triumph', you'd think it would get it right in the propoganda pictures stakes! Duuuhhh!!! Iran now claims this was merely a mix-up in pix, but has declined to produce both animals at the same time...
However, another possibility: a conspiracy theory of multiple monkeys! Iran sends numerous monkeys into space and then (in another great Iranian triumph) surgically joins together a composite creature from the various limbs of countless monkey corpses strewn about the spacecraft after it lands. Is this "new monkey" one monkey? Is it every monkey? Is it all of us? At what point does this become more of an philosophical question and less of a biological one?
"Eez der clone ready...?"
Being able to put a live monkey into space would allow Iran to move one step closer to launching a human. That may be a golden opportunity for its dickhead president to put his money where his mouth is! Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he's willing to be the first human to be sent into space by his country. It's unclear if he's serious, but some hopeful Iranians have set up a Facebook page: "In support of sending Ahmadinejad into space". One user posted: "We'll even pay for the shuttle's fuel costs!"
Prez Ahmadinejad's political star has been on the wane since he fell out with parliament and lost support of Iran's supreme leader. But could he soar again? Or would Iran produce a Ahmadinejad replica after landing? No, one of him is more than enough!

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