Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sea Shepherd Severs Whalers' Fuel Supply

More success on the high seas for Sea Shepherd...
Its ship, Sam Simon, found the refuelling tanker for the Japanese whaling fleet, the Panamanian registered / Korean-owned Sun Laurel, 1,250 miles south of Albany, Australia.
SS's Steve Irwin changed course to RV with Sam Simon and will block access to the tanker by any illegal whaling ships attempting to refuel (just as was done so effectively in 2011).
The Sun is setting...
SL refuels the Nisshin Maru factory ship several times during the whaling season. By intercepting it, Sam Simon has literally cut off the fuel supply to the whaling fleet with the potential of forcing the whalers to end their season early.
Bob Barker continues to pursue the factory ship NM. Based on the course of the SL when located, it's believed NM has run for approx. 1,500 miles. This averages 200 miles per day, giving the whalers very little time to stop and kill whales. The harpoon vessel Yushin Maru III continues to be unable to kill whales, as it tails SI and reports the ship's position to a fleeing NM.
Despite informing the Australian Govt that its operations would be in the Ross Sea this season, the nasty Nippon whaling fleet has spent the entire time in Australian Antarctic Territorial waters and in waters near Macquarie Island...yet the Wizards of Oz still do nothing!

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