Thursday, February 7, 2013

Seven Ain't Too Sharp

I tuned in to TV One 7pm Monday night to catch the first ep of its Current Affairs/young adult/humour/news prog Seven exactly is it trying to be??
I found little substance in Seven Sharp's news items at all.
The set of the show (supposedly aimed at a younger demographic) did not fit its concept.
Audio sounded as if the talking heads were in a bathroom.
Boom mic shadows across said presentators were amateurish.
And was that humour between the presentators? If so, it was too staged and didn't work.
The video voiceovers showed no change from TV One's standard painfully stilted stylisation. Wasn't this meant to be a new zinged-up all-singing-and-dancing different approach, with shorter bites and tighter production?
Graphics appear to have been scribbled on a TV One cafe napkin by an intermediate pupil.
A on-line poll, asking who should lead John Key on to Te Tii marae, mentioned Bellarusian shot-putt cheat Nadzeya Ostapchuk. Funny? I didn't think so. And how many of the new target would even recognise her name...?
The Facebook posts and Twitter bubbles (supposedly the favoured arena of the target demo) appeared too often. And if that turf IS the target's domain-of-choice, then would they even be bothered watching 7-Dull???
Bill Ralston, former TVNZ news boss: "all pastry and no pie."
Media commentator Brian Edwards: felt the sharp shift between comedy and a serious item did not come off too well. Also felt the presenters were trying too hard to be funny.
A comment on Twitter: "A fly is dying on a flypaper as I watch. Buzz."
Maori TV presenter Julian Wilcox: "This is rubbish."
If 7-Dull is meant to be a weapon in a battle between TV One and TV3, then TV3 - even with boring Campbell Live - has already won the war!

PS: 08 Feb.2013 - As I predicted, TV One's ratings dived in the 7-Dull timeslot!

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