Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beats Working

Workers have often been told by bad bosses that their jobs could be done at a fraction of the price by any number of diligent folk in China.
One American office worker arrived at an elegant solution. He found a Chinese software company to do his job for him, paid for the work using a fifth of his own six-figure salary, and spent his days surfing the internet, watching cat videos and taking long lunch breaks!
For over six months, he lead a leisurely life while receiving glowing commendations for his tremendous productivity. He also boosted his income with some freelance work for other companies, which he outsourced to the same computer code writers in NE China.
He'd probably have got away with it too, had it not been for a review of the company's private computer network, which showed what looked like someone in China logging into the system. They appeared to have hacked into the computer network using the credentials of an employee who was, at that very moment, sitting quietly at his desk!
The company's IT department called in investigators, thinking hackers had used some kind of malware to log into the worker's computer. Instead they found hundreds of invoices on the computer from China. A review of the worker's activities suggested he arrived each morning at 9am, departed for lunch at 11.30 and spent the long afternoons on eBay and updating his Facebook profile. At 4.30pm he emailed his manager with a progress update. His performance review noted he was the best developer in the building.
It's not clear if the man has committed any crime, but he's been fired for violating internal company policy.

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